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05 February 2010 @ 09:58 pm
Hey guys~

There's a lot going on for me right now and I sadly have to say that I need to move on. But I don't want to do that without at least completing something I started. I might finish both of them, but I can only promise you one of them.

Accidents has less to go before it's finished, but updates will probably be painstakingly slow and erratic. But I started work on this over a year ago and it's my baby. I made my LJ debut with it, so saying goodbye to LJ with it only seems fitting in a sad and slightly poetic kind of way, right?

Inescapable has more to go and updates will also be slow, but this story has a very special place in my heart and since day one I have had an indescribable passion for it. But I'm scared to tell you I'll finish it because it's such a big project and I just don't know how much I have left in me.

So, tell me what you want, to help me make my decision. Because, while I write for me, what all of you think really matters and I know what's going to happen in these stories and can therefore live without completing them. You, however, don't, though you could also live without it, and therefore deserve a say in this voice.

Which Would You Prefer to be Completed?

Accidents Happen
Other? (Leave a comment, please~)

lol. This post was longer than I intended.
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04 November 2009 @ 12:51 pm
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I'll be taking 15 drabble requests and 5 one shot requests (if it even gets up to that) and then I will close this. One Shot requests are now closed!

I am now taking requests for drabbles/one shots. They may extend to two shots, but will not be anything more than that. As a side note, I won't be taking any TVXQ requests, because they are breaking my heart right now so I don't feel like writing them. And I am full of bullshit.

Username: Your Name Here
Pairing: Male/Female (Unless it's a Friendship Fic, I prefer to keep it het and keep it kpop)
Rating: G - PG13
Genre: Can be anything. Challenge me!
Preffered Length: Drabble or One Shot
Short Prompt: A word, a song, a picture, anything!

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02 November 2009 @ 09:19 pm
I'm really sorry about this, guys, but I'm afraid I will have to put Accidents Happen and Inescapable on an hiatus until my heart is a little less broken. I just really can't take writing either of them right now. I was going to work on the latter this evening and when I opened up the word document, I broke into tears. I'll keep you posted on their status as it changes.

However, pending some recharacterization, the Secret Project should be good to go fairly soon. It was going to be Changmin/Sooyoung but now it's smelling more and more like OnSica, mostly because of my broken heart. Kibum and Yuri will still be playing their respective roles, though.

Also, I might put up an SNSD drabble/one shot request post soon. I feel like writing those girls right now and idk why.
13 October 2009 @ 10:21 pm
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12 October 2009 @ 03:08 pm
I am trying to make a decision about the way the story is going to unfold and there NEEDS to be a romantic interest for Changmin. There are three people I am currently entertaining putting him with, but I've decided I want all of your opinions. So, out of the three personalities listed below, tell me which one you think would be best for him. Thanks all~

Which One Would be Most Compatible With Changmin?

Shy, honest, sweet, quiet
outspoken, caring, painfully honest, fearless
indapendent, smart, protective, kind
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